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Transtech Household Shifting Service

Just the idea of shifting all your household belongings from one locale to another can cause you to lose sleep. The situation becomes even more stressful if you have sizable number of belongings, boundations of time and no one to provide you a helping hand. It is for these reasons that hiring professional house relocation services is not luxury but necessity. At Transtech Packers and movers we take care of A to Z tasks involved in house relocation including sorting, packaging, loading-unloading, storage and delivery; providing you a stress free shifting experience. Every city we operate in has its own challenges in the form of building structures, road layouts, building regulations, reach and permit requirements. With our rich experience of 18 years in the packing and moving industry we have dealt with all kinds of challenges that can arise while moving goods from point A to Point B. With this experience we have developed ways to identify and deal with obstacles early in the shifting process; delivering the best results every time.

At Transtech Packers & Movers we work with strict timelines. The shifting work starts right away and our movers are always ready to work long hours to get the shifting process completed on time. We value our business credibility and therefore we never any false time commitments to our customers. The expected completion time for every house relocation activity is calculated only after thorough evaluation by our expert movers. To make provision for any unexpected delays in shifting we include extra days as maybe deemed necessary in the time estimates we provide to you. Once we have quoted a time to you we will commit to it under all circumstances.

Hight Standard Packaging

From a small cup to an entire sofa set we pack and stack everyone of your household belongings before it is loaded onto a truck for delivery. We only use best quality and durable packaging material to safeguard your valuables against the wear & tear caused during loading-unloading and transportation. We offer both standardised packaging as well as custom crates for special items. Our trained movers have expertise in packing and unpacking of oddly shaped items that do not fit into standard boxes and crates. We always carry extra packing material and boxes for items that you missed out while sorting the items to be moved. House relocation becomes a cakewalk once everything is packed and sorted in a professional and efficient manner. Have a glance at our packing techniques here

Loading and Unloading

There’s more to safe loading & unloading then just strength that goes into lifting things. It’s more about technique and use of proper equipment. In order to avoid breakage, we take every necessary precaution in moving your stuff in and out of our trucks. We train our movers to safely and quickly shift items overcoming challenges like tight spaces and narrow corridors, congested streets, unfavourable weather, absence of elevators & the like. We have special equipments to lift and carry heavy goods like sofas, beds, almirahs, refrigerators, etc as these are the items that cause major difficulties in house relocations.

Safety and Insurance

We understand how much your personal belongings mean to you. Therefore, safety is always our top priority. Our movers go through extensive training and background checks before they are sent for live projects. At the starting of the house relocation process we help you ascertain the estimated value of your belongings. Accordingly we arrange for third party insurance so that in case of any mishaps you get cash compensation up to value of the damaged goods. Items that are delicate and therefore extremely vulnerable to damage are packed, stored and transported separately to avoid the possibility of any mishaps. Know more about our insurance policy here

Dedicated customer support

All information related to your account including Personal Details, payments and receipts, track of your shipment, documentation and other interactions will be dealt with by a single executive. This means that your personal executive will be able to guide you through the entire house relocation process from enquiry to delivery and will keep you updated with the status of your move. We do not like pushing our customers from department to department when they call in our helpline. That is why we provide you with your personal executive’s dedicated extension and email and help you save both your time & money in the process.

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