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Transtech Bike Shifting Service

For some people motorcycles are more than just a means of transportation. They see motorcycles as a part of themselves. If you too identify yourself to be a motorcycle lover you would know how painful it is to bear scratches and dents on your vehicle. No doubt, you want to keep your bike as new as the day you bought it home. So, why trust just about anyone to handle relocation of your valuable bike? That is why you should consider Transtech the next time you need to move your bike across cities in India.

We have the experience and the resources to ensure that your bike is delivered to its destination on time and in sound condition. We provide door to door delivery facility to all major Indian cities and many remote villages and towns. Our expert movers pack your bike using high quality and durable packaging material to protect it against any possibility of damage while loading-unloading and transporting the bike. Only a limited number of bikes are loaded onto a single truck as measure of ensuring safety and quick delivery to each of our customers. We have experience of working with both Bike manufacturers and individual motorcyclists who have placed their faith in our services time and again and have also provided us with an array of positive testimonials.

How we take care of expensive bikes:

At Transtech Packers and movers we determine our rate for each bike based upon its engine dimensions (measured in cc). Accordingly bikes are classified into ones that need specialized packaging and others for which ordinary packaging would be suffice. For expensive and heavy bikes we take extra precautions in terms of customised packing and moving conditions. Such bikes are usually allotted individual trucks which are specially equipped to handle shipping of valuable items like motorcycles. To ensure that your bike is not misused anytime during the packing and moving process we prefer not to unlock it unless it becomes inevitable. In the last 18 years we have relocated thousands of expensive and antique motorcycles like Royal Enfield; Harley Davidson, KTM, Hyosung, Kawasaki Ninja, etc. These projects have helped us develop expertise in the domain of bike relocation and thus offer unmatched service quality at extremely competitive prices.

Safe Pick-up

Our Executive will pick up your motorcycle from any residential or commercial address in India. Before you hand over the keys the executive will fill out the conditions detail form. This form will take note of every minor detail about the condition of the bike at the time of pickup including scratches, dents or damaged parts on the bike. This helps us and our customers keep accountability for safekeeping of the bike.

Packaging at Warehouse

At our warehouses bikes are packed using thick layers of high quality packaging material and firmly placed on shipping ramps. Extra layers of packaging and cushion support is provided for more expensive and heavier Bikes providing additional protection against scratches and damages. Your bike remains packed till it is delivered to your doorstep and our delivery executive will help you unpack the bike if you so desire.

Safe Loading

Our warehouses are equipped with all modern amenities including CCTV cameras, fire safety equipment, air and water tight storage areas, lifting and carrying machines and equipment, qualified manpower and 24x7 security.We use advance lift gate techniques to load your bike onto the trucks as these ensure stillness of the bike and prevent it from bumping into the sides of the truck.

Road Transportation

Each truck is designated to carry a predetermined number of bikes and we avoid overloading our trucks at every cost. The bikes are carefully strapped in to absorb all bumps and vibrations on the road. The trailers we use are air tight and secure against damages and theft. Our trucks operate under an all India permit and we take care of all documentation and legal formalities as per the requirements of the relevant authorities such as the NHAI and transporters’ union. Be assured, your bike is in trusted hands!


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